Sunday, May 10, 2009

American Advertising Federation National Competion 2009 Plans Book The Century Council

Raw Plans Book Raw Plans Book colesing
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Sphinx Advertising built a fully integrated marketing campaign for The Century Council to hinder the dangerous over consumption of alcohol by college students as apart of the American Advertising Federation (AAF). This campaign was apart of the National Student Advertising Competition in which our team entered the "What's Your Story?" campaign in the District 6 regional in Detriot, MI 2009. As Vice-President, I over saw all creative executions, media planning, plans book writing, and campaign pitch creation.

American Advertising Federation 2008 National Competion Book AIM Instant Messenger

AAF 2008 AIM Plans book
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Presented our plans book for AIM Instant Messenger at the District 5 regional in Detroit, MI 2008. Plans book and presentation took 2nd place our of 18 teams at the competition. Part of research team and campaign pitch team which gave a 20 minute campaign pitch to regional judges and AOL representative.

TOMS Plans book

TOMS Plansbook
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For our Senior Campaign class our client was TOMS Shoes, a socially active company that donates every shoe you buy to a child in need. We conducted a fullly integrated marketing campaign for the TOMS Shoe brand in the city of St. Louis. Built and planned the media for the TOMS Shoe campagin including design and scheduling. Our plans book and client pitch took top honors in the class.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Newspaper Layout

This assignment was to produce a magazine cover for producers and directors in the film industry. The magazine was called On Set and this was the premiere issue.